ZUBR DC Mat 160 / 1 m²

ZUBR DC Mat 160 / 1 m² is a thin heating mat for floor heating with a total power of 160 W. It is used for laying under tiles in a layer of tile adhesive. ZUBR underfloor heating is manufactured to our specifications in a modern, specialized factory in the European Union.

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European quality floor heating at a Ukrainian price

The ZUBR DC Mat is a twin-conductor heating mat designed to be installed not only in screed but also in tile adhesive, which is convenient when it is not possible to raise the floor height. The specific power of the ZUBR mat is 160 W/m², which ensures perfect comfort and even heat distribution over the entire floor surface. ZUBR heating mats can be used as an additional heating system.

Finishing coatings to which the ZUBR heating mat is suitable:

  • ceramic tiles, porcelain stoneware, natural stone;
  • laminate flooring, provided that the temperature of the underfloor heating is no higher than 27 °C. The laminate flooring must have the appropriate certificates and manufacturer's marks that indicate the product's intended use with electric underfloor heating.

Reliable and durable construction ZUBR DC Mat

The ZUBR heating mat is composed of a heating cable securely fixed with high-strength tape on a self-adhesive fiberglass reinforcing mesh. This design eliminates the need to select a laying step, reducing the risk of damage during installation. The distance between turns of the heating cable on the reinforcing grid is optimized for uniform and comfortable heating, measuring 9 cm.

The cable and the «cold» end are hermetically connected through a coupling. Inside the coupling, the two heating cores and the screen are securely fixed in place with a special dielectric insulator.

1.Two heating conductors.  The presence of two heating conductors allows for even distribution of temperature and ensures long-term operation of the underfloor heating.

2.Double layer FEP (fluoroethylene propylene) and HDPE (high-density polyethylene) insulation. The double-layer insulation on each conductor provides reliable protection for the cable during installation, especially when bending. The separate insulation of each heating conductor allows for free movement inside the wire, ensuring the durability of the structure.

3.Screen (two galvanized copper wires + aluminum and PET foil)

4.The outer shell is made of cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) with a thickness of 0,45 mm. This ensures that there are no thin areas throughout the cable length, resulting in uniform heating.

Video instruction for installing the ZUBR heating mat

We invite you to watch a short video tutorial on the proper installation of underfloor heating. Please turn on English subtitles in the YouTube settings.

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Technical properties of ZUBR DC Mat 160 / 1 m²

Product type:
Heating mat
Cable type:
Twin-conductor shielded
Area, sq m:
1 m²
Heating core insulation:
Heating core insulation: FEP (fluoroethylene propylene) and HDPE (high-density polyethylene)
Specific power:
160 W/m²
Length of connecting (cold) wire:
4 m
Rated supply voltage:
230 V ~ 50 Hz
Supply package:
A heating mat, 2,5 m an installation tube with plug, instructions with a warranty card and a box
Width, mm:
0,5 m
Protection level according to DSTU:
Mat thickness:
3,6 mm

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