Thermostat terneo st ivory

Color: Молочный белый

Молочный белый
    Digital thermostat - basic model in a socket box
  • Maintains a floor temperature from 5 to 40 ° C.
  • Temperature correction on the screen.
  • Button lock. Thermal protection.

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terneo st thermostat - simple heating control

The terneo st digital thermostat is characterized by simple and convenient design. It can continuously maintain the temperature of the electric heating floor in the range of 5 to 40 ° C. Temperature data comes from a sensor placed in the floor.

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Easy operation

The device is controlled by only two buttons. The digital screen displays the temperature and simplifies navigation in the settings menu. You can reduce screen brightness up to 30% in standby mode to save power.

All you need for installation is in the package

Thermostat, temperature sensor with wire, decorative frame - all included. Installation is realized in a standard sub-socket with a diameter of 60 mm

Safety first

The button lock function will not allow to change settings, for example, for your children. The device is also equipped with overheating protection. If the temperature inside the housing increases to 85 ° C, the thermostat will automatically stop working for safety reasons. Activation will occur after the temperature drops to 80 ° С and any button is pressed.

Universal thermostat

The device is compatible with most heating cables, mats and films, as well as temperature sensors, which are available on the market.

Technical properties of terneo st

Sphere of application:
for underfloor heating, for water heating floor
Type of control:
Installation method:
in outlet box
Fusing current:
protection from children
Minimum temperature, °C:
Maximum temperature, °C:
Maximum load power:
3000 VA
Supply voltage:
230 В ± 10 %
Weight of full package:
0,18 кг ± 10 %
Current consumption at 230 V in active mode at maximum brightness:
not more than 6,5 mA
Current consumption at 230 V in sleep mode:
not more than 1,9 mA
Overall dimensions (W x H x D):
75 х 75 х 39 мм
Inner overall dimensions of decorative frame:
45 х 45 мм
Temperature sensor:
NTC thermo-resistor 10 KOM at 25 °C (R10)
Length of connection wire of sensor:
3 м
Number of actuations under load, not less than:
50 000 cycles
Number of actuations without load, not less than:
20 000 000 cycles
Temperature hysteresis:
1 °С
Range of measured temperatures:
–28…+75 °С
IP rating according to GOST:
Supply package:
Thermostat, frame, temperature sensor with connected sensor, warranty certificate, technical passport, instruction, the packing box

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