Thermostat terneo srz red

    Compact thermostat socket.
  • Withstands air temperatures from 0 to 30 °C.
  • Тimer to turn on heating up to 4 days (99 hours).
  • Load operating time counter.
  • Ability to change the brightness of the numbers (night mode).
  • Тwo modes of heating and cooling.

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Comfortable control with terneo srz red

The thermostat is designed to control infrared panels, convectors and other heating devices, as well as cooling equipment. It maintains a constant temperature between 0 and 30 °C, which is measured by an integrated sensor.

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Modern design

terneo srz thermostat is characterized by a unique minimalistic design. Its compact size, touch buttons and white display screen will be an elegant addition to any interior.

Useful functions

Calculate the power consumption of your equipment using the built-in load time counter!

You can also set the switch-on time delay from 0.5 to 99 hours. This allows you to start heating exactly when you need, while saving on electricity, and not on comfort.

Easy operation

The thermostat is adjusted using touch buttons. They have a spectacular appearance and serve longer. Digital screen makes it easier to navigate the menu.

Temperature measurement accuracy

Temperature sensor is located on the thermostat housing. You can adjust the value of the displayed temperature according to thermostat location and internal heating.

Simple installation

To start work, just insert the thermostat into the socket. The heating device is connected to the thermostat accordingly.

Safety and reliability in use

You can lock the control buttons so that you don't accidentally change the control settings. This is especially convenient when there are children at home or the device is installed in a public place.

The thermostat is equipped with thermal protection. If the temperature inside the housing rises above 80 ° C, heating will stop for safety reasons. Resumption of operation will occur after cooling the device to 60 ° С and pressing any of the buttons.

To increase the service life of the thermostat, the switching of the relay load is carried out as close as possible to the time when the voltage sinusoid passes through zero.

Technical properties of terneo srz red

Sphere of application:
for infrared panels and convectors, for cooling and ventilation
Type of control:
Installation method:
in socket
Fusing current:
built-in timer, protection from children
Maximum temperature, °C:
Maximum load power:
3000 VA
Supply voltage:
230 V ±10%
Weight of full package:
0,124 kg ±10%
Current consumption at 230 V in active mode at maximum brightness:
not more than 6,2 mA
Current consumption at 230 V in sleep mode:
not more than 2,8 mA
Overall dimensions (W x H x D):
60 х 106 х 76 mm
Temperature sensor:
NTC thermo-resistor 10 KOM at 25 °C (R10)
Number of actuations under load, not less than:
50 000 cycles
Number of actuations without load, not less than:
20 000 000 cycles
Temperature hysteresis:
1 °С
IP rating according to GOST:
Supply package:
Thermostat, warranty certificate, technical passport, instruction, the packing box

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28 December 2020
Чи гісторезис можна змінювати бо один градус маловато???наприклад щоб включалось при 19 а виключалось при 21 наприклад
Олексій, інженер тех-підтримки29 December 2020

В terneo srz температурний гістерезіс можна змінити в Сервісному меню. Для входу в Сервісне меню утримуйте одночасно три кнопки: «+», «–» та вкл/викл. Далі натисканням на середню кнопку оберіть пункт меню ГРС/HiS. Зміну гістерезіса здійснюйте кнопками «+» або «–» в межах від 0,1 до 25°С з кроком 0,1 °С. Вихід із Сервісного меню автоматичний, через 6 сек після останнього натискання.

20 October 2020
Чи планується випуск в такому корпусі регулятора з вайфай модулем?
Олексій, інженер тех-підтримки21 October 2020

Так, планується. Конкретні терміни випуску назвати поки складно.

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