Thermostat terneo sneg + VOL

The terneo sneg thermostat, equipped with the VOL moisture sensor, effectively removes snow and ice from the roof and gutters. As well as prevents the formation of dangerous icicles. Thermostat functions ensuring minimal energy consumption.
    Optimal operation of the system is provided by 2 sensors: air temperature and moisture. Due to their combination, will turn on the heating on under two conditions:
  • air temperature will be within the limits at which snow can melt;
  • the VOL gutter sensor will detect moisture on its surface.
    • Thus, turning on the heating will only happen when it is actually needed. This allows you to more efficiently consume electricity and significantly save on payments.

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Thermostat terneo sneg with moisture sensor for gutters VOL

The terneo sneg + VOL thermostat effectively and economically ensures the clearing of the roof and gutters from snow and ice, as well as prevents the formation of dangerous icicles. Thermostat functions ensuring minimal energy consumption.

The device works with both analog (R10) and digital (D18) sensors.

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Flexible settings for optimizing snow melting system operation

1. Postheating time

Choose the duration for which the heating will continue after the VOL sensor detects the absence of moisture on its surface. Necessary for the complete removal of any precipitation that may have remained on the heated surface.

2. The resistance level of moisture at which the thermostat will activate the load

By default, this parameter is optimally set for urban areas. However, if the snow melting system is located in an environmentally clean zone with low salt content in precipitation, it may require an adjustment of this parameter.

3. Timer for automatic shutdown of the snow melting system

This function protects against excessive and prolon-ged operation of the snow melting system without your supervision. If the system operates continuously for 36 hours, the thermostat will stop heating to draw your attention to potential blockage of the moisture sensor surface by leaves, gravel, etc. It also safeguards against excessive energy consumption.

4. Hysteresis

Hysteresis is the difference between the activation and deactivation temperatures of the load. Therefore, the thermostat will start checking for precipitation on the VOL sensor when the temperature is not just within the set temperature range but closer to 0 °C by the size of the hysteresis.

5. Forced heating

You can turn on the heating manually when you wish, even if the sensors do not capture the need. The duration of forced heating can be set from 0.5 to 9 hours, and the countdown to the end of heating will be displayed on the screen.

The thermostat also has a post-heating function: after the moisture sensor stops detecting the presence of snow on the surface, the system will operate for a given period of time (from 0.5 to 9 hours). This will ensure the complete melting of snow on the entire surface of the anti-icing and snow melting system.

Easy operation and installation

The thermostat is set up with only three buttons! The digital screen displays the temperature of the air, as well as the moisture sensor and moisture resistance on its surface. It provides easy menu navigation and displays system alerts.

The thermostat terneo sneg is installed in the switchboard on a standard 35 mm wide DIN-rail. The package contains everything necessary for installation: the thermostat itself, moisture and temperature sensors with connecting wires 10 and 4 m long, accordingly.


Protection against internal overheating

The thermostat is equipped with an overheating protection: if the temperature inside the housing rises above 80 °C, the heating will stop. Heating will resume only after the temperature has dropped to 65 °C.

Universal compatibility

You can use a thermostat with most of the heating cables on the market. 

Technical properties of terneo sneg + VOL

Sphere of application:
for snow melting system
Type of control:
Installation method:
on the DIN rail
Fusing current:
Upper limit of temperature setting:
0...+10 °С
Lower limit of temperature setting:
-20…-1 °С
Maximum load power:
3000 VA
Supply voltage:
230 V ±10%
Weight of full package:
1,070 kg ±10%
Overall dimensions (W x H x D):
52 х 90 х 67 mm
Length of connection wire of sensor:
4 m
Number of actuations under load, not less than:
50 000 cycles
Number of actuations without load, not less than:
20 000 000 cycles
Range of measured temperatures:
-30…+75 °C
IP rating according to GOST:
Supply package:
Thermostat, temperature sensor and moisture sensor for gutters with connecting wires, warranty certificate, technical passport, instruction, the packing box

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