Thermostat terneo mex

Color: Белый

    Regulates operation of the floor heating system according to the floor temperature.
  • Maintains temperature from on the floor 10 to 40 ° С.
  • Button locK, child protection.
  • Mechanical handle and toggle switch control

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terneo mex thermostat is a simple solution for comfortable conditions

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The thermostat is designed to work with "heating floor" systems based on an electric heating cable or film. It is capable to constantly maintain temperature in the range of 10 to 40 ° C. Uses temperature data from a sensor placed in the floor.

Full control

Turn on the heating when you wish. Intuitive temperature control with a mechanical handle. The presence of a toggle switch allows you to turn off the thermostat  without changing the set temperature level.

All you need for installation is in the package

The standard package includes a thermostat, a temperature sensor with a connecting wire and a decorative frame, which will be an addition to any interior. Installation is realized in a standard sub-socket with a diameter of 60 mm.

Universal thermostat

The device is compatible with most of electrical heating cables and films on the market.  Don't limit your сhoice!

Technical properties of terneo mex

Sphere of application:
for underfloor heating, for water heating floor
Type of control:
Installation method:
in outlet box
Fusing current:
Minimum temperature, °C:
Maximum temperature, °C:
Maximum load power:
3000 VA
Supply voltage:
230 V ± 10 %
Weight of full package:
0,17 kg ± 10 %
Overall dimensions (W x H x D):
75 х 75 х 43 mm
Inner overall dimensions of decorative frame:
45 х 45 мм
Temperature sensor:
NTC thermo-resistor 10 KOM at 25 °C (R10)
Length of connection wire of sensor:
3 m
Number of actuations under load, not less than:
50 000 cycles
Number of actuations without load, not less than:
20 000 000 cycles
Temperature hysteresis:
1 °С
IP rating according to GOST:
Supply package:
Thermostat, frame, temperature sensor with connected sensor, warranty certificate, technical passport, instruction, the packing box

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20 April 2019
такий регулятор підключений до коврика евротермо в плиточний клей .але при включенній повернув за годинниковою стрілкою загорівся червоний..але дуже довго нагрівається.червона лампочка не гасне.а підлога ледь тепла за 8 годин.це так має бути?
Олексій, інженер тех-підтримки

Добрий день. Терморегулятор не впливае на швидкість нагріву Вашого теплого полу. Швидкість нагріву безпосередньо залежить від тепловтрат і потужності обраного нагрівача.

21 June 2018

простий у використані, ціна


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