Thermostat terneo b from 32 А

Сurrent:32 A
    Digital thermostat for heating floor of high power up to 7000 VA.
  • Maintains floor temperatures from 5 to 40 °C.
  • Timer to turn on heating up to 4 days (99 hours).
  • Load operating time counter.
  • Button lock, thermal protection.
  • Temperature correction on the screen.

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terneo b thermostat - for high capacities

Video review on terneo b thermostats. Please turn on English subtitles! 

terneo b thermostat is designed to work with "heating floor" systems based on electric heating cable. A feature of this model is the ability to use it with systems of high rated power (up to 7000 VA). The thermostat allows you to maintain the set temperature from 5 to 40 ° C. Temperature data comes from a sensor placed in the floor.

Easy operation

There are only three buttons for setting the required parameters. The digital screen displays the current temperature, as well as simplifies navigation in the thermostat menu.

Easy connection and installation

The delivery package includes all necessary equipment: a thermostat  and a temperature sensor with a connecting wire 4 m long. Installation is realized in a 35 mm wide DIN-rail switchboard.

Safety first

The thermostat is resistant to voltage differences. It is protected from overheating: if the temperature inside the housing reaches 80 ° C, the device will turn off. Once per second "oht" will be displayed on the screen. To resume operation, the temperature must drop to 60 ° C. If the protection works more than 5 times, the thermostat will turn off until the temperature drops to 60 ° C and one of the buttons is pressed. The housing of the device is made of non-flammable polycarbonate.

Universal thermostat

You can use the terneo b thermostat with heating cables from most manufacturers on the market. The device is also compatible with digital (D18) temperature sensors.

Technical properties of terneo b

Sphere of application:
for underfloor heating, for water heating floor
Type of control:
Installation method:
on the DIN rail
Fusing current:
Minimum temperature, °C:
Maximum temperature, °C:
Maximum load power:
7000 VA
Supply voltage:
230 V ±10 %
Weight of full package:
0,285 ±10 %
Overall dimensions (W x H x D):
53 х 85 х 66 mm
Temperature sensor:
NTC thermo-resistor 10 KOM at 25 °C (R10)
Length of connection wire of sensor:
4 m
Number of actuations under load, not less than:
50 000 cycles
Number of actuations without load, not less than:
1 000 000 cycles
Temperature hysteresis:
1 °С
IP rating according to GOST:
Supply package:
Thermostat, temperature sensor with connected sensor, warranty certificate, technical passport, instruction, the packing box

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13 November 2020
Алексей, инженер тех-поддержки13 November 2020

Рады помочь! Если возникнут вопросы - обращайтесь.

10 November 2020
Добрый день. Можно ли использовать выносной датчик для контроля "по воздуху" для управления электрокотлом?
Алексей, инженер тех-поддержки11 November 2020

В терморегуляторе terneo b температура контролируется в месте, где расположен внешний датчик. Его можно использовать для измерения температуры воздуха в случае, если с эстетической точки зрения Вас не смущает такое расположение датчика.

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