The history of terneo thermostats and ZUBR relays production began in 2003. Then we used semi-finished products and finished modules to produce final products. Over time, we began to carry out an increasing number of production processes at our own capacities.  

Factory area over 1500 m²

Our production facilities are located in Kyiv. Since 2013, the total area of production and storage facilities has grown from 200 m² to more than 1500 m². We invite you to a video tour where you can see how everything is working by yourself. Please turn on English subtitles! 

On our own thermoplastic machine, we mold device housings according to our own design, we have our own SMD board mounting line, and we use robots for high-quality soldering. Thanks to implementation of automated processes, it was possible to significantly increase the level of standardization of quality, reduce costs and increase production volumes.

Quality components

A key to the perfect quality of our products lies also in the use of actually reliable components. Therefore, about 90% of all components come to us from the world's leading electronics giants, such as EPCOS, Samsung, HTC, Fujitsu, etc.

Multi-Stage quality control

We control each stage of production, and also conduct thorough testing of products before implementation. Control includes inspection of all release stages, including SMD and output installation, incoming inspection of components, housings molding, testing of devices operation on the bench, quality control of the entire package during packaging. All devices are manufactured according to European and Ukrainian standards and have appropriate quality certificates. High quality is confirmed by a long warranty period.

We follow the principles of ethical production

We are a manufacturer and we are fans of our business. Quality product and safety of our production are equally important to us. We adhere to the principles of ethical production, therefore we are aware of our responsibility to employees, buyers and the environment. We choose the adult position of doing business and organize our production in an environmentally friendly manner.

Photos from the factory

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